On/Off Button

It is a new purchase of Sansa fuze+ ,which is loaded with music & pictures as well. Sansa was connected to my PC for charging & saw that it was charging. When I switched off the PC ,I removed my Sansa . Then I tried to switch on the system but unable to see the screen. What should I do ? Jiten02

Hold the power button down for 20-30 secs. This should reset the device. Release and see if it will start up normally.

I  tried pressing/holding on/off button ,but it does not work.

What is next solution?

We need to change the battery .It is a new system ,purchased recently & under warranty

Try holding it down longer, maybe even up to a minute. If it still doesn’t respond, call SanDisk Tech Support. They may replace it under warranty. There is no way to replace just the battery.