on connection clip+ tries to reformatt ... then can't

I am trying to get my sansa clip+ going again after a long time of non use. Already tried the reset method(s) but I guess it is flat after a year of non-use so trying to charge. Two questions: (i) connecting to Laptop using usb mini b cable shows no sign of being charged on windows 7 … is this normal?? (ii) although the internal memory is recognised and it wants to re-formatt it simply can’t. Only says that there is 30.6 MB on the disk as well.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

If you have a microSD card in the slot, take it out and see if it responds more normally. 

Otherwise, let it charge for a while and see if you can get the regular menu to appear when you disconnect. Then set it to MSC mode, go to the internal memory, right-click, Properties, Tools, Error-Checking. Sitting around so long may have caused a disc error, and CHKDSK (error-checking) might fix it. 

Sitting around for a long time can also deaden the rechargeable battery, and there’s a chance that it’s simply so dead you’d need to replace it. 

And I wouldn’t use a laptop to try and charge it. A laptop’s prime directive is to conserve power, not expend it (through USB ports or otherwise). Use a desktop or AC wall charger. Many phone chargers these days will work.

I prefer charging from a wall adapter as well.  Having said that, laptops have come to be used as peripheral charging devices, some laptops now coming with ports especially designed for this–providing additional power or having an “always on” ablity even if the laptop is shut down.  . 

many thanks for the repsonses. Do i have to buy this wall charger from sndisk … have read in many threads but not so sure what it is.

No. And as I said before “many phone chargers these days will work.” You might already have one. If you don’t and have to buy one, just make sure it doesn’t put out more than 5 volts or you could fry your player.

Do note. a USC wall charger should be inexpensive and is widely availble.  I would just be sure that you think the item is reliable, as it’s going to be sending electricty to your player . . . .

It is possible that all you need is a new cord. There are two different connections: charging and data. A bad cord could be giving you the data connection without charging.

If you have another cord with the mini-USB connection, try it with the laptop. 

Open Windows Explorer (Computer or My Computer). Connect the USB end of the chord and hold down the << while connecting the mini-USB to the computer. 

If it pops up in Windows Explorer, right-click on it, Properties, and Error-Checking. That might fix the 30MB message, which is sometimes a sign of a corrupt file that Windows can fix. It’s worth a try.