On a Dell, Windows 10 Home cannot create partition on SanDisk SSD Plus 120GB

I have a Dell 3647 with a SanDisk SSD Plus 120GB running Windows 10 Home. The whole thing was running smoothly for about two years until last week when Windows started to reboot randomly. I decided to reset Windows. It didn’t go well.

After a while, and on another computer, I went to https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 and created a flash drive with Windows 10 Home installation media.

At one point I had installed Windows on the Dell. Got to the desktop and everything. After an hour of doing updates it crashed and I never saw Windows again.

Using the Windows 10 Home installation, eventually I deleted all the partitions on the drive. Eventually I used diskpart and removed all partitions leaving the ssd completely clean. Specifically, last night the drive had no partitions on it.
Drive 0 Unallocated Space Total size 111.8GB Free space 111.8GB

I had the Windows installer create Windows on that space. After a few hours it eventually gave the error message “We couldn’t create a new partition. [Error: 0xac430380].” When I cleared that message I found this:
Drive 0 Partition 1 Total size 450.0MB Free space 450.0MB
Drive 0 Unallocated Space Total size 111.3GB Free space 111.3GB

Google yields no result for Error: 0xac430380.

Then I had the Windows Installer extend the Partition 1 to the full size of the disk. After about an hour it came back with the error “We couldn’t extend the selected partition. [Error 0x8007045d].”

Searches for Error 0x8007045d yeilded results talking about chkdsk, which is clearly hard to do without a partition…

At this point, I don’t know if this is an ssd issue, a Dell issue, or a Windows issue.

So it seems I didn’t complete everything. After I got the “We couldn’t extend the selected partition. [Error 0x8007045d].” I had just left it alone to come to this forum and submit this thread.

Later, I clicked ok and then using the Windows installer, I deleted the 450.0MB partition. Then the ssd again had 111.8GB unallocated space. Using the Windows installer, I selected that space and clicked NEW. It gave me a message about Windows possibly creating more than one partition for the system to work, and then almost instantly it is done and then I have this
Drive 0 Partition 1: Recovery Total Size 450.0MB Free Space 436.0MB Type: Recovery
Drive 0 Partition 2 Total Size 100.0MB Free Space 95.0MB Type: System
Drive 0 Partition 3 Total Size 16.0MB Free Space 16.0MB Type: MSR (Reserved)
Drive 0 Partition 4 Total Size 111.2GB Free Space 111.2GB Type: Primary

So what’s going on? 

What’s causing these issues?

You are indeed correct that you can’t use chkdsk (check disk) if you have no partitions on your solid state drive.

This error however is often because of a bad installation medium if it happens during the installation. I recommend you to clean both your usb and ssd and burn a fresh windows iso to the usb. Then start from scratch again.

Second thing is that I recommend you to try step 2 with the installation and 3 once Windows 10 is installed from this website:


If you have more questions let me know.

Thanks for the solution