I am so disappointed. I bought this from the store thinking how cool. WOW! I have owned it for a week and read some stuff on here and was disappointed that some of the features did not work. SO, now I went to listen to the internet radio today and that is not working now either. Why did SANDISK not pull this item if it is discontinued?? Now I have a device that is exactly the same as my other MP3 player. I am so disappointed I wasted my money on this. Is there an update or something to fix the problems?? If there was I would be happy. If msn sorta merged with yahoo on the messengers why can’t there just be an update or something? Any thoughts or updates? Let me know! :neutral_face: thanks 

If by “Internet radio” you mean Launchcast Music stations, that should still work.  If it doesn’t, you have a problem with your wireless network configuration.

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