Olympus LS-3 voice recorder

Hi everyone…new here hoping for help

I own the above voice recorder and wish to know if I can use a 64gb card in this device, if not what is the maximum card size I can use and should it be formatted on the device or on a PC

Many thanks in advance


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Well friend, this information you can see it better, in the manual of your Olympus LS-3, in the specifications section.


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I think the question could be answered thoroughly from Olympus support site. That should give you the most accurate response.


these host device was not tested by Sandisk so it would be better if you contact olympus directly to see what specifications are requested for the card in order to work normally. its not only the capacity speciffication on many host devices but also the speed.

It would probably be best using a class 4 card. I believe the manual says cards up to 16GB, however there weren’t 32GB micro SDHC cards at the time. Imo 32GB class 4 cards would probably work. I suggest not trying any SDXC cards formatted as FAT32. While they work on Rockboxed Sandisk mp3 players, many other devices have software written using the assumption that memory cards can’t be over 32GB, which the maximum for the SDHC standard.