Older memory sticks: SanDisk SDMS-128 and (2) Sony's MSA-8A and MSH-128

OS Win 7 64 Home on Dell Inspiron E1705.  The sticks are good, work in other computers.  Also, Canon stick is currently recognized in the card slot.  Computer does not recognize the drive when I insert the above sticks.  Worked when I ran Win 98 SE on this computer.  Then didn’t work after I installed Win 7.  Can’t find drivers on SanDisk site and Windows update does not find any drivers needed.  Device manager doesn’t show any drives with a problem.  Device Manager does show “!” for (2) Base System Device(s) under Other Devices but I didn’t think that involved the memory stick slot.  Can’t use Dell site because it doesn’t recognize this computer since I didn’t buy the Win 7 software from them.  I have no other problems with this computer.