Okay or bad to use Clip while charging with wall-charger and/or w/external speakers?


I have a pair of external speakers that run on A/C power that I normally use with a CD player (and connect via mini-plug, like the headphone plug for the Clip). Since it fits in the Clip’s headphone plug, I decided to use the speaker with the Clip. It seemed to work just fine – however, I thought I noticed that the battery drained pretty fast (faster than normal – though it may have been my imagination?).

Since I have a wall-charger for the Clip that I got, I plugged the Clip into the charger and ran it off A/C while playing it on the external speakers. Also seemed to work fine (and I guess it was charging at the same time). But then I wondered if this is okay to do…? So:

1a. Is it okay to use external speakers that run on A/C (connecting them to the Clip’s headphone input) with the clip running on battery?

1b. Does this drain the battery faster?

  1. Is it okay to use the Clip with headphones while it’s plugged into the A/C charger and charging?

  2. Is it okay to do the combination of #1 & #2 and play the clip while plugged into the A/C adapter (and thus charging) and also plugged into the external speakers that run on their own A/C?

  3. Or do any of these things cause any damage/wear to the battery or the Clip in any way?

Can maybe one of the Sansa techs post an official reply?

Thanks for the help! I love my Clip! :slight_smile:

I don’t know about the rest of it, but playing the Clip through external speakers should drain the battery just as much as playing it on headphones. The speakers having their own power cord just means they’re able to put out more sound than headphones, it’s not going to be able to charge te Clip unless it’s got an A-to-miniB port…dock…thing on it.

Youa are fine with everything you are doing. 

Re 1b: It might and it mightn’t. Battery life will depend on a lot of things: Selected listening volume, the “work being done by the processor” - higher bitrate music means the processor will have to work more/faster, the efficiency of the speakers and more. It’s impossible to tell for sure, so just use your speakers and be happy!  :smiley:

Thanks for the replies, everyone.

So if it could *possibly* drain the battery more by running it on battery when using the external A/C speakers, could I avoid that possibility by always using the Clip connected to the A/C charger and having it plugged in (i.e. “charging”) when using it with the external speakers? Would that save any additional wear on the battery?

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Go ahead,  no issue to use the AC charger while playing thru headphone or speaker.

Thanks very much! That’s very good to know! :slight_smile: (Just didn’t want to cause the battery to have a shorter life or damage the Clip in any way… Now I know I’m not – and knowing is half the battle!)

The Clip is an awesome thing!

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