OK, so without Fanfare, where can we actually get playable video?

Without Fanfare, which has been scrapped, and given the TakeTV’s very limited video range, can we get a list of legal sources for movies and other video that actually play on the TakeTV?  I have tried playing mp4’s and they never work, and I don’t know of any source for legal xvid movies.

I would appreciate the Sansa folks letting us know where we can actually get content.  Thanks! 

Anything in an AVI format should work just fine. As for where you can get legal content, if it’s a movie, its not really legal to make a copy of it and post it on the internet, so I wouldn’t be able to tell you a LEGAL source, but whatever video you get, as long as it is converted into AVI you should be good to go

Thanks for the conversion link.

Are you saying that any avi should work, or only those in xvid or dvix?  I have a lot of avi’s but the only ones that play on the TakeTV are xvid or dvix ones. 

AVI’s coded using MP4 are not compatible :cry:

In my experience Avi using a DivX encoder works best