ok i love this SanDisk mp3 player

i have this big freezer thats like bigger than me and i have to pretty much crawl in it to get something out of the thing. and my mp3 player was in my hoodie pocket… and i forgot it was in there… i went to get something from the freezer and my mp3 player fell in it… but i didnt know it did… and like a month later my mom was getting some meat out for her dinner… and she found it… and it still worked… so yeah… best mp3 player ever… lol… im so retarded…

Wow.  That’s pretty good.

I recently dropped mine on the restroom floor, but luckily it had the silicon cover and it survived (even the screen, the side it fell on).  That was a few days ago and it works perfectly still.  I have it clipped to my waistband and it must have been looser then usual.

Funny story but your device freezing should still work. Thats for just about any device. :slight_smile:

I dropped while getting out of the car on the cement[earphones slow downed the impact but still] luckily, it landed flat side down on the rubber back.so