OGGs converted from YouTube videos using VLC locking up the fuze

Anyone else do this for their music? Anyway, everything works fine on my fuze with the songs until I go to play them. It plays fine (and it sounds pretty good for coming from a video from youtube) until it gets to the last second. Then the device white screens and I have to perform a reset.

I get these songs by downloading the video from youtube using an addon for firefox then I just run it through vlc and remove the video and encode the audio to ogg in one step. Both tracks play fine on every computer I have tested them on, however, if I forget to skip to the next song on my fuze it will freeze up. If anyone wants to take a look at either tracks, look here. Click on either song then click the picture. Be warned: Only one of the is clean and its not the incredibad song.

My theory is that vlc adds a bunch of junk to the end of the file or somehow it gets corrupt near the end of the process.

Anyone suggest a better way to get their music off youtube, or just a way to set vlc to encode to ‘fuze friendly ogg’?

Try website-based Youtube downloaders. No need to download or install anything. I recommend Savid or Keepvid

Try passing the problematic files through easy-tag or another ogg tag editor (but  don’t do it with picard).