OGG VORBIS Q5 and down

q6  just worked fine, but i’ve found the clip won’t play smoothly files that are encoded with q5 and down. is that a known-issue? thx

I have been able to play ogg vorbis files all the way down to q-1 just fine.  I encode them on a linux box using oggenc.  The only files I’ve had problems with are those produced long ago by a beta/rc1 version of oggenc.  Those files lock up my Clip requiring a reset.

Oh, i forgot to mention i encoded them with autov5.5b. maybe that’s the problem

 I’ve encoded tens of albums at -q4 with aoTuV b5a [20080330] plus an older version and never had problems.

oggenc2.exe says OggEnc v2.85 (libvorbis 1.2.0 [aoTuVb5.5])