*.ogg - audiobook files in random order

I ripped my audiobooks to *.ogg (free and open format :wink: and books containing several CDs got a increasing track number. So I have for example:

Cool book-1.ogg (meta data:Track number=1)

Cool book-2.ogg

Cool Book-3.ogg

But in the Clip the appear mixed up with other files and not grouped together. Even putting them in a seperate directory didn´t help and additionally the all appear without any track number information (=ignoring file name and meta data).

So, what should I do to solve this?  

The Sansa organizes songs based on the MP3,Ogg, or FLAC metadata.  You must set the Genre in the metadata to Speech for a file to go under Audiobooks.  Multi-disk audiobooks are a problem.  The Album is truncated - so for a long album title with disk at the end, all the tracks are filed under one album.  All the track ones are played first (in random order), then all the track twos, and so on.  The “disc” field in the meta data is ignored.  You need to use a metadata editor (such as easytag) to arrange audiobook files with this situation in one of these two ways:

  1. renumber all tracks  to form one long sequence.

  2. Change the Album field (in the metadata - renaming the file has no effect) to have disc # at the beginning so that each CD shows up as its own audio book.

If we are lucky, Sansa will update their firmware to notice the Disc metadata field.