"Offloading" Fanfare content


I was wondering whether I can download content from Fanfare onto my TakeTV and then copy them over onto a hard drive for later viewing (and allow me to download other Fanfare content).  I got the entire Tudors season, which fills up the 8GB, but would also like to get other content before I watch those shows.  I found that I can copy the files to a hard drive, but will the copy back to the TakeTV without a problem later? 

Answering my own question:  yes, you can!  I ended up having to do this anyway since the files would not play on my TV and tech support recommended copying the files off to a hard drive, reformatting the TakeTV drive and then copying them back on (which did the trick).  So, I can now download stuff from Fanfare onto the TakeTV, offload it onto a hard drive and go download some more.