OFFICIAL Replacement USB cable outlets in UK

 i need to know where in the UK i can purchase OFFICIAL USB Cable for the Sansa Fuze

i have been searching on amazon etc and all i find is 3rd party ones which seem to be a hit and miss affair as to weather they have all the pins or weather they last beyond a month, YES some of you will have had good experiances with these BUT i do not want to waste money having to purchasea new one because the manufacturer wont invest in a QA team!

so please can someone direct me to an outlet/website where i can by an official branded sansa data cable for my fuze

thanks for your time :slight_smile:

The generics are cheap. Get two. When the first wears out, plug in the second one.

I like the name brand replacements- check out Maximo Products and Belkin for some nice canles.  They have excellent warranties as well.

Bob :smileyvery-happy: