OF doesn't show mp3 put in RB

Why the mp3s I put in my clip+ in Rockbox mode doesn’t show in original firmware mode? I like to listen to music in OF but have RB just for fun. 

Chances are, you have your USB mode set to MTP or worse, Auto Defect. Rockbox is MSC mode only.

Or there’s something about the ID3 tags. Rockbox is more forgiving of tags, where the OF is very picky about them. They must be in the format ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1 or the player’s OF won’t see them. You can download MP3Tag to check and/or correct them.

Checked. It’s set to MSC mode. As for ID tags, some have others don’t but all of them not showing in OF. Btw, I am using firmware ver. 01.02.16p. 

Those Mp3s do show and play in RB just not in OF.

Well, the ones that don’t have any ID3 tags are definitely not going to show up in the OF. The ones that do (have tags) but don’t show could (as I mentioned before) have the wrong format tag or other error or problem in the tag itself making it unreadable by the player.