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I have not found anything in this forum related to the following:

It sometimes happens that my 2GB Sansa Clip (latest software) switches off - out of the blue and with a fully charged battery. When I do a soft reset (pressing the menu button for 15 seconds) it usually switches on again. Now the strange thing is that it then starts replaying exactly those songs that I have already heard (so those played between turning the Sansa on and the player switching off unexpectedly). When it comes to the song where it switched off the first time … it switches off again! I should add that I always have shuffle mode on. The workaround I found is that I change to “play all music” with shuffle mode switched off and I am fine again. This happens several times a month and it is indeed rather annoying. Anyone else encountered this problem? Otherwise, I am really pleased with my Sansa.


Does that song ever play?  I had some ogg songs that wouldn’t play and would crash the Clip requiring a reset.

Let’s remove the “odd” from your problem.

When the Clip freezes, it’s encountered a bad file.

Resetting the device restores the player, and reloads the player to the last normal power-off position.  This position is being saved while the player displays “goodbye” on the display.

When you resume playback, make a note of the last file that plays normally.  If the Clip powers off at the end of this song, the next file is the troublemaker.  Delete this file from the PC and reload it after checking the file out.  Sometimes, it’s a simple matter of reripping the problem track from CD, or downloading it again.

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Thanks, Bob

That was really helpful: I indeed found the troublemaker and everything seems to be fine again.