Odd Behaviour on Delete

I tend to listen to get podcasts by Juice, transfer them, listen to them, then delete the files from my player. When deleting files from the Fuze though, there’s no telling which screen you’ll get sent to after performing the operation.  For instance…

Open Audio > Podcasts Menu 

Select Feed One

Open Context Menu on Item One

Select Delete Podcast


( Get sent to Podcast Context Menu )    *1

Press Left

( Get sent to Feed Four )   *2

The *2 is the WTF thing… although it doesn’t make much sense to get sent back to the current item’s context menu after deleting it.  Idealy, you’d get sent back to the Feed’s menu, unless it was the last item in the feed, in which case you’d be sent to the root Podcast menu.

Deleting a file while listening to it can give even stranger effects… I’ve been dumped to other music files before, also.

For feature requests, it would be nice if you could pull up a context menu for the feed itself, and delete all items in it.  ^.^ 

Hi what firmware do you have? is it .07? Please upgrade to the lastest firmware if you still have .07. latest one should bee .11

However even with the latest firmware , delete podcast / audio books reacts funny.  

Message Edited by thoma on 04-08-2008 03:06 PM

I’m operating on .11A.

I’ve noticed the same thing and its really annoying. When I’m done listening to a podcast I want to delete it but it randomly takes you somewhere else.

Is this on the developers list to get fixed in the next firmware update?