OAuth option

The new version of Memory Zone was supposed to add a OAuth login option for Google Docs and Picasa.

Does anynoe know where to access this, as I can’t find it.


To use OAuth, your application must generate well-formed, signed token request calls, and handle the responses, for the following sequence:

  1. Get an unauthorized request token (OAuthGetRequestToken)
  2. Authorize the request token (OAuthAuthorizeToken)
  3. Exchange the authorized request token for an access token (OAuthGetAccessToken)

All OAuth requests must be signed, whether or not your application is registered. For further information, see Signing OAuth Requests.

You can experiment with requesting and receiving authorization tokens in the OAuth Playground.

For detailed documentation, see the OAuth API Reference.

Version 1.1.24 has OAuth implemented for Google Docs and Picasa. Select the “Quick Login” option.