NTFS-Partition with U3-System combinable?


my 16GB U3-Stick is running out of memory; i’ve installed a local running wiki on that stick with many many (>7000) files… and i’d like to continue using the U3-functionality (Security, portable Open Office, portable Firefox, Thunderbird…).

One Problem is the used file-System (FAT): since i synchronise all files with a Net-Share (NTFS) i have twice a year the problem with one hour difference in the timestamps of untouched files when changing to DST (Daylight Saving Time).

Now i wanted to transport all that stuff to a new -already formatted- 32GB-Stick with NTFS-Filesystem where that problem doesn’t exist.

Thanks in advance


??  Not sure what you’re asking. 

Can a U3 device support a NTFS format, yes.

Can FAT32 files be copied to a NTFS drive, yes.

Can U3 be transfered to a new USB device, no.

my 16GB U3-Stick is running out of memory

And for the record, USB sticks don’t run out of memory, they run out of space. :wink:

Thanks for that reply,

“they run out of space. ”: i was not sure whether to use that term or “out of memory”, thank you :wink:

“Can U3 be transfered to a new USB device, no.”:

That is, what i wanted to do: couldn’t i use an ‘dd’ under linux to clone the CD-Image from the old stick and copy that image back to the new 32GB-Stick by

  u3-tool -l <cd-image> <32GB-partition>


Then partitioning the rest of the stick with a NTFS-Filesystem and copying the data?


It’s not a question of cloning the U3 image, it’s a question of getting the new  device’s controller code to make Windows see the U3 image as a CD drive.