Not strictly a Sansa problem but thought I'd ask...

Hello all - So I get over my intial start-up issues (getting my PC to recognise my 8Gb Clip in MTP mode) and now it works a treat (volume seems very low even at max setting but have read the threads about getting a good seal on your earphones and am also considering an amp … so am going to persist with the great wee device).

Anyway, am in WMP 11 and happily creating playlists for the gym on my Clip ; one for Mon, Tue, Wed etc. (you get the idea) so I’ve got 5 playlists.  I decide I might want to go to the Gym on a Saturday so I create a new playlist as before and what happens to my first playlist (Mon) ??? … it disappears.  I panic - some great tracks in exactly the right order and timed to coincide with my routine so I quickly delete the 6th playlist and the first comes back!

So I guess this is probably a question for a Microsoft forum but has anyone else found a limitation like this in WMP 11?  Is there an option or setting somewhere that allows more PlayLists than 5!?  Am I just being greedy?!?  Is this a fabled esign limitation within a Microsoft Product that I’ve often heard tell of…?

Many thanks for any response and again, sorry - I know it’s not a Sansa/SanDisk issue as it happens before I go anywhere near trying to synch with the device.

Regards to all,


WMP 11 only shows the 5 most recent playlists under the word playlist on the left hand side. if you actually click the word playlist on the left side you will see 2 sections, recent playlists (5 most recently made) and all playlists. you previously made playlists should still be saved under all playlists.

Thanks Doc!  I suppose I should but I dont feel too dumb … it really isnt that intuitive ; you’d think they’d just build the list of on the LHS.  Anyway - panic over and PlayLists for Sat & Sun (as if!) now in place!

Thanks again - much aprecaited.