Not SSD Dashboard exactly - but recommended software ezGig IV

The SSD Dashboard recommends a cloning tool called ezGig IV. While it takes care of the basics, it does a poor job when cloning from a larger hard drive to a smaller SSD in a Windows environment. The problem is that ezGig will automatically adjust the size of system reserved partition. In my case it shrunk the system reserved partition to the size of the used portion (shrunk from 200 MB to 30 MB).   That’s a problem because free space is required for Windows image backup (and possibly other things). After cloning everything seemed fine but I was unable to perform Windows image backups due to lack of free space in the system reserved partition. There are plenty of other (less critical) issues with ezGig as well, but it should not mess with the size of the system reserved partition!

Discussed this with Apricorn support but they were useless.