not recognising

when I plug usb into my computer it doesnt recognise the usb!!.  I have windows xp at home, I just tried it on my computer at work (I have Vista at work) and it comes up automatically.  What else could it be

it could be your home computer doesn’t have the proper drivers.

the requirement for the sansa clip is windows xp sp2 and windows media player 10/11.

you may also switch the USB mode to MSC so it will mount like a regular flashdisk. 

The drivers should be there (they’re standard in versions of Windows higher than 98).  If you plug a thumbdrive or other USB memory device into your XP Home computer, is that recognised? 

Do you have your device set to MSC or to automatically choose?  Have you tried other USB connections on that computer?

I had a similar problem - couldn’t get my XP SP2 laptop to recognize my Clip.  I tried all the recommended stuff, but it made no difference in my case.  In the end it turned out to be the USB A to B cable - I ponied up for a high quality aftermarket one and now everything works great.  I suspect there might not be the best quality control on some of the USB A to B cables out there, and this might be the cause of a good fraction of the USB Device Not Recognized problems users sometimes have.  A cable that seems to work in some ways may have one dead pin, etc. that can produce frustrating behavior when used to connect to an MP3 player.

That makes sense. My clip used to connect, I have quite a abit of music on it. Now it doesn’t. I’ve tried 3 different cables, and tomorrow I’m going to Radio Shack to try a higher end USB plug. Thanks.


I just got my Sansa clip today and was really impressed by the small size and design. But couldn’t get my Windows XP machine to recognise the device, even though I’ve never had problems recognising my digital camera, Blackberry, flash drives etc. Found this thread and tried a different cable - and it now works fine. Thanks for the tip :smiley: