Not playing in my car

I have a sansa fuze ver 02.01.17a and i cannot get it to play on my cd player when i plug it in. It will connect but not play

You are going to need to supply more information. Primarily how are you connecting, What type of car stereo (If you dont know what year and type of car), and What usb mode did you use to add the files to your player?

The other thing you should do is to post this in the Fuze forum. With all the information I mentioned. Without that info its really hard to help you, and in the Fuze forum more Fuze users will see it and be able to help you. 

Are you using a CD adaptor, like a cassette adaptor?   

I use a cassette adaptor.  So these suggestions should work for you too.

Make sure the song plays when you’re not listening in the car.  So check with your earbuds in. 

Put the adaptor in the car and plug the cord into the earbud section of the Fuze.

Turn on the stereo and set to cd player (I have mine set to cassette to listen to my Fuze).

Turn on the Fuze.

Turn up the volumne on both.

Make sure it’s in play, not pause.

Does it work?

If not, come back with more info and we’ll see what we can do.

I’ve found “issue” with playing through my car’s aux in jack.  That issue was easily fixed by turning up the volume in some combination on my Fuze and on my car stereo.  So if like Dalaug234 said, you can hear the track playing through your ear buds, I’d suggest turning up the volume on your Fuze about 3/4 of the way to max and then bringing up the volume of you car’s radio.  Just becareful to turn your volume back down in both devices so you don’t blow your eardrums up or your car speakers when you use them separately.

That’s one thing I love about my car aux feature…the Radio/CD player have a different volume than my Aux input so I don’t have to turn the volume back down (or up) when switching from one source to the next.

Good luck!