Not enough space on USB to install Mac app

I have a Cruzer Blade and have just downloaded the OSX app. I unzipped the app and went to copy it to the device - however it says there is not enough space on the device to install it.

Am I missing a trick here?

How full is the drive?

How large is the unzipped app file?

Can you write/copy any other files to it?

It’s an 8GB drive with very little on it. I purchased it recently and used it a few times on a Windows PC. The drive seems to have reserved all the remaining space for the vault. I did have a couple of GB as files outside the vault but I deleted them. The info tab says 8GB used.

I ejected and re-inserted the device and now I see the Mac app but it will not run - says it may be corrupted.

I noticed its FAT32 - could this be an issue?

I didn’t answer all your questions. The file on the device is 0 bytes. the zip file is 20.8 MB

I can’t copy any other files to it either

Are you copying to the vault?  If the vault is taking up all the space, a possibility, and you don’t intend to use it delete it.

I’m not sure SecureAccess will run on a Mac but FAT32 will run on most every OS.