Not enough space for music DB? Too many languages in firmware?

Had to delete songs to accomodate the new firmware, then I discover it has a bunch of extra languages in it that I will never use!  I~did~ however listen to the songs I had to delete to make room for it!

Too much trouble to give users a choice of languages instead of forcing us to make room for stuff we will never use? 

To load the new firmware, you need 16MB of open space in the root directory for the file to reside in, but the file is only temporarily “parked” there.

Upon startup, the Sansa will take the firmware file and install it into the reserved partition in memory.  The memory temporarily used will then be available again.

Your Clip is filled to the gills, eh?  In this case, simply delete a few tracks, and reload them from your PC after updating the firmware.  Uh, just be sure to remember the titles of those tracks.  (Nah!  Forget? I haven’t ever done that! Never!)

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: