not detecting and no songs

hai, i have bought a new sansa clip…but it is not detecting on most of the computers …showing some messages like…problem while installing,dosn’t work properly…but detected on xp2…but i hav the options like play using winamp & copy songs using mp10…i copied the songs using mediaplayer, but when i tried to play the songs, it shows ‘no songs’ message…wat  to do? plz plz help me…

As the manual says, minimum requirements are XP with SP2 and WMP10; that may be why the Clip doesn’t register on some computers.  However, the player may work in MSC mode on those computers, showing as an external drive.

Try upgrading to .18 firmware (see sticky above) and see if that helps with your issues, if you haven’t yet upgraded.  If you have a hard time doing so, switch to MSC mode to do so (player in hold, press center button as you connect the player to your computer via USB cable).  If you’re still having issues, you could try using the player in MSC rather than MTP mode after you upgrade, by going to Settings/USB and choosing MSC (note that MSC mode does not support DRM’ed files–that could be why your songs are not playing, if they are protected files; WMP10 and above are needed to transfer DRM’ed files, as the software needs to transfer the DRM licenses along with the media files). 

I recall when I first got mine, I had issues with it to properly install on my PC.  When the USB mode was set to “Auto”, Windows didn’t properly detect if it was MTP or MSC.  I switched it to MTP, and it installed fine.  I switched it to MSC, and it installed fine too.

I may be wrong, but you have to upgrade to latest build to be able to have the “USB mode” in your settings.

I am currenly using MTP mode.

thanku for ur kind reply…but i did as u mentioned …but still showing no songs…should i update its firmware…if updated wl b there any probs…any loss of memory?

Yes, update.  And then if MTP mode doesn’t work, try MSC.