not adding/syncing individual songs

Ok, there are two Madonna songs I am trying to load. Both are from the same album. I have tried BOTH via syncing w/WMP and Explorer drag and drop (changing modes of course). When I open WMP to view the internal memory, the songs appear AND play. Yet, when I disconnect and look for the songs on the player, they are not there.

I am very confused.


It seemed to be a tag thing. However, now the player doesn’t show all of Madonna’s albums under Madonna. I can only seem to find them under albums.

This has turned into frustration now.


I just tried to transfer a playlist. It appears that the device is not syncing now.

Should I do a reset? Format?


I just did a reset and that seems to have helped. I can now see all of Madonna’s albums under Madonna. Only now, I can’t sync a playlist.

I am content for now. Off to bed…

Oh, thanks for “listening”. However, any help on the playlists is appreciated.

It does seem like a tag problem. Formatting the player would be a good idea to clear everything on the player. Use a good tag editor such as the free program mp3Tag(search the forums for information on this) and edit the tags on the music files on your pc. After the tags are corrected, then copy the files to the player.