noob to sandisk

I was a previous owner of an IPOD nano which blows anything sandisk has since i got this Sansa Fuse+ the experience has been pretty good except for a couple of things.  the directional buttons are very touchy, there is no folder browsing, the wallpaper is terrible looking.  ok downsized becuase i feel Apple is just too dam expensive and they figure any one will pay for their product wrong.  overall the sansa is good not the best but good enough for what i want to do with a portable media player. 

I do however need some tips on how to do a couple things.

first is i have an Audio book that is .mp3 format and it is 11 discs with about 25 tracks within each disc. when i put all the mp3 in the Audible folder then go to play them they are not in chronological order.  how can i fix this.

2nd is there a application that i can use like Itunes with this device.

3rd, from windows xp\ my computer then select the Sansa directory, i go to the Audible folder and cut the mp3 audiobook i had previously to windows xp \ my documents and paste in their.  i then went back to the fuze folder and low and behold a folder of the audiobook and subfolder are still there.  I right click and hit delete it will not let me delete the folder. says its write protected.

  1. dont put the books in the audible folder. this folder is used by for their files. use the podcast folder. the files will show up under podcasts and will support book marking. also make sure chapter mode is on in the settings and that the ID3 tag information is filled out on the tracks. if track numbers are 1,2,3 etc you will need to change them to 01,02,03 etc

  2. any musica manager application can be used. you are locked into a specific one. 

  3. you can try copying the book to your computer instead of cutting it. once that is done unplug and use the device to delete the file.