Non existent customer service

Has anybody ever received a response from customer help at sandisk? My sansa e280 has stopped working within warranty and the company will not issue me with a returns authorisation number despite me providing a jpeg of the purchase receipt proving that I purchased it in Oct 08. I have been totally ignored apart from a very enthusiastic autoreply e-mail saying all the right things but without any firm action.I really think that the only remote chance that I have is by writing a letter to the CEO in the hope that people on a higher level within the company have an ear for us little people…also known as customers…luckily I work for Siemens and with one fell swoop can send an e-mail to all 20000 of its employees recommending that they avoid Sandisk products…and I must say that I am pretty close to doing that.

SanDisk support is set up a bit differently from what you’d expect.  Contacting them by telephone at 1-866-SanDisk is the fastest, with the eBox being the way to follow your issue here on the computer.

E-mail is the slowest method.

I understand you may be upset, but making threats helps no one.  I work with Siemens equipment daily, and I have been on hold with Siemens for more time than I care to digress about.  All companies have quirks with product support.

Be sure to register your Sansa, if you haven’t done so, via the SanDisk logo in the upper left, then Support, then Register.  The cool thing about the eBox is that you can get updates on status in mere hours, and if you call by telephone, the reference is immediately available for both parties.

SanDisk has opted for the personal touch (voice) first, as we’re dealing with media players and flash storage here, and most users simply want to get things running smoothly.  Compared against many support systems, they’re pretty impressive.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I have a Fuze. It worked ok at first and then stopped being recognized by any computer at home. After a few weeks of phone tag with the phone support they issued me a return authorization. Sent it back about a month ago. During the record of all of the attempts to straighten the problem out my name was taken off of the (RMA?) list in my profile on their website. I wrote them again and they started a new list on my profile but the entire record of the work done to date disappeared. I have the emails with the return authorization and their suggestions, but they have stopped responding at all to my requests, including setting up a new record of the problem.

I can’t find out anything about where my Fuze went, or what will happen next. The last email I got was probably an automatically generated one that said “to expect a response  with in 24 hours”. That was three days ago. They didn’t respond to the email before that either.

I’ve got a copy of the UPS label that I used to send the Fuze to them. What I don’t have is any indication that they are doing anything with the return.

Getting pretty tired of this. Trying to be patient, but I’d be a lot happier if they would follow through on promises. The Fuze has been broken for 45 days of the 60 days I’ve owned it. Now SanDisk has it and I don’t even have the broken one.

Is there a lesson for me here?


i had a similar issue so i gave them a call and it turns out that they are in the process of migrating all customer data to a new system. give them a call and explain your situation and i am sure someone there will be able to give you some assistance. be patient as migrating such a large amout of customer data can take some time. at the very least they should be able to start a new support record for you and get you on your way.