Non english support pages ?


If you go to the Italian web site ( or French web site ( and you click on “Support” (Assistenza Technica / Support Technique), you are redirected to the english web page. Well, I guess I should consider myself lucky that I know english…



English has become the international language. My guess is that over half the pages on the net are in English. Many Europeans speak English.

Are there around 1.4-1.5 billion people in the world who speak English?

PS. This web page says 56.4% of pages on the net are in English.

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I think additional (notice I didn’t say foriegn?) language support would be a good thing, especially Spanish. It is quickly becoming the primary language spoken at home in many parts of the US, and also in many areas around the globe. French, German (& it’s variants, Swiss, Flemish, Austrian)and Italian are also major languages and deserve User Guides and tech support in these formats.

Somebody shouldn’t be placed at a disadvantage just because they live in a non-English speaking country. Thier native tongue is not inferior to English and we, as Americans shouldn’t be trying to shove our language preferences down their throats just because we are too lazy to learn theirs.