Non-Audible audiobook recognition--should be enhanced, and current workaround

Apparently, the Clip only recognizes Audible audiobooks under the player’s separate “official” Audiobooks category listing.  It would be great if this category could be generalized more in the future in a firmware upgrade, to cover non-Audible audiobooks as well, either those placed in an Audiobooks folder or with the term Audiobooks in the genre tag field.

The workaround for now is to use the term Audiobook in the genre tag field–and this should be singular, not plural, as the player does not seem to recognize the plural form Audiobooks as a genre category and categorizes those as Unknown.  The downside of this workaround is that it throws the audiobooks chapters in along with music for playing, such as in shuffle mode or when playing by title.

If there are other suggestions, feel free to throw them in the pile.

Might be a little better to put the book title as the “album” and put the chapters in track order. Still need to search among your music for your books, though.

Thanks–that’s how my books off of were tagged (automatically).  And so it works fine, once I changed the genre tags from the plural Audiobooks (which is what, I think, had tagged them originally) to the singular Audiobook.  It’s just having the books appear among the music which some will fine irritating; and not just having the books appear under the separate Audiobooks category. This would make sense as an issue for a future firmware upgrade.

So I have an idea. I thought this is how it was going to work when I first got the thing.

There should be a folder at the top level that has all the playable content, right now this seems to be music, that is fine but I would call it content.

Then there should be subfolders that show up as items in the menu, so there would be one called music, that leads to the music main menu item, one called recordings, one called audiobooks and so on. So far it would work like it does now, except when you go to music it would only play stuff in the music folder, you go to recordings ditto. Now for the cool part. If you add new folders they become new menu items. I would add podcasts and stick them in there. I might also add workout music as this is different than I would otherwise listen to.

So if this is not doable, then I would suggest adding a podcast feature anyway. Like the audiobooks but another genre tag that gets separated. I still am getting used to the thing, so maybe it does this already, but if I play an audio book or podcast then it should rememebr where I am in that folder. Then I could listen to podcasts/audiobooks when I drive, and workout music at the gym and not have to spend time figuring out which podcast of the 25 I tossed in the folder I was on. I only want to listen to them once of course.