NO Volume when playing podcasts

Downloaded radio podcast plays for short time, then volume shuts off. I can go to FM radio and find volume, but when returning to podcast I get no volume. I tried the reset, no luck. Any help??

Try playing the podcast on your computer just to make sure the podcast isn’t at fault.

If it’s the Fuze, then do a manual reinstall of the latest (and last)  firmware. This is different from a reset.

Don’t use the updater method–there won’t be any updates.

I 'm a bit ‘slow’ when it comes to zip files and what to do with them. I downloaded the file (both ‘save’ and ‘run’) and find myself not knowing what to do, how to unzip, or get the manual update done. A box pops up and informs me that I will be opening a 'Bin file" that could damage my operating system, bla, bla, bla, and what should I open it with!!!  It is a bit confuing to me. It’s a $55 item, is it worth it??

A .zip file is compressed. You need to expand or “extract” it. A free ‘unzipper’ program is 7-Zip. There’s also WinZip and many others; some you have to pay for while others are freeware.

FuzeA.bin is the firmware for the Fuze. Bin is for binary, written in computer language. That’s why you get the security warning–because it’s a .bin file.

But you are not going to run it on your computer (where it would probably just be ignored).

You just drag FuzeA.bin onto the driveletter for the Sansa Fuze, disconnect, and the firmware installs. Your computer has Windows (or Mac or Linux or whatever). The Fuze has FuzeA.