No USB menu & can't copy folders


I’ve got 2 problems :

  1. When i go on the settings menu on my Sansa express 1GB i can’t find the USB menu so i can’t switch between MSC mode and the other.

  2. Sometimes when copying folders (it seems to happen only when i try to copy a folder>400Mb and not with a file or a list of files) a windows message shows up saying that the key is “write-protected” and that i’ve got to disable the writé-protection. Then when i try to delete the incomplete folder obtained, it’s impossible :“The device is not responding or has been disconnected”
    The only way is to formate the key…

So i tried to update the driver with the auto-update tool. After a few bugs, the firmware has been updated with the 01.01.01E version but the problem still remains…

I’ve got win XP, and the prob is the same on the different computers.

Thank you.

There IS no USB menu like the older media players. It’s a bummer but, SE is MTP defaulted unless forced by using the device manager and the Disk Management tools. I do not know how to do it for now since I’m still waiting for my SE to come back from RMA.

Read that thread as well

HE he he,  thank you !  Now i won’t pass my time like a zelda,  trying to discover a potential USB menu lost somewhere in the firmware…
I read the post you gave but there’s no problem with the USB in the device manager when the problem occurs.
But the problem with copying folders is unbearable, it’s really frustrating  when tou buy a  device  like  70 euros and can’t even use it as USB key…
I won’t never buy sansa in the future.

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Don’t blame Sansa for the MTP problem, that’s Microsoft pressuring the companies for the success of MTP. Even the Zens and other players are doing the same thing. So don’t say that.

There’s the complete guide on switching to MSC

Thank you for the links but it didn’t change anything as i didn’t have that problem of connect/disconnect but i’ve still have the problem to copy folders…
Hopefully i’ve got my samsung key that works perfectly. I understand that MS put the pressure on the market but the majority of the others products (zen, samsung, apple…) works perfectly…