No true continuous play?

I searched through the forums and really only found one relative answer to this. The “Play all” feature is not what I am referring to. My folders are setup as such: Rock>Alice in Chains>Black Gives Way to Blue. Beneath the actual album lies about 15 or so .mp3’s. Rather than going from the “Play all” option at the top of my hiarchy which will play all of my alternitive music, instrumental, and everything else alphabatized before “Rock.” I would like to see something continue to play music outside of the Alice in Chains folder itself. For example if I decide to start playing music with in “AIC” for instance an mp3 outside of the actual Black gives way to blue album it will only put those on a continuous loop. Below AIC in my Rock folder is Alien Ant Farm with 1 mp3. What I want this to accomplish is to continue to play all the mp3’s from one band’s folder to the next bands folder through-out the entire hiarchy.

I would like to see is a continuous play feature that will not replay with in the boundries of an album or a set group of songs, something that keeps the music going on a continuous loop from where ever I decide to start playing from.  This may sound confusing but my car stereo worked this way. If I have a Album in a bands folder and mp3s outside of that album, and I choose to play those mp3s first, for a continuous play it moves to the next bands folder. If the next bands folder has an album folder in it, typically the behavior of the stereo will play all music outside of this album folder before going into the actual album folder. Once it plays with in that album folder it moves onto the next bands folder.

Again, for a true continuous play it should start from where you choose to start from and play all .mp3’s from that starting point from any folder location until it reaches that same song you started with. I hope that makes sense. It should be a FW update imo.

For example my hiarchy


>Alice In Chains

>>Black Gives way to blue

>>>01 All Secrets Known.mp3

>>>02 Check My Brain.mp3

>>> and so on and so forth…

>Down in A Hole.mp3


I’m not sure I get where you’re coming from, or headed to I guess. When you navigate to an album, then select a song in that album, the Fuze will play that song followed by all remaining songs on that album in order, then it will either stop, or if you’re in repeat mode go back to the first song on the album. Unfortunately there’s no way for the

Fuze to know where you want it to go once it’s finished playing the album and isn’t going to guess.

The only way I can see to accomplish what you want is to put everything in your collection on a playlist. Then you can scroll to the song you want and the Fuze will start there. 

Here’s where folder navigation has its limitations.  If you navigate by the ID3 tags, you can pick all songs from a particular genre, or if you use the GoList feature, you can add entire albums to the list instead of (more correctly, in addition to) songs.

When the mp3 file was conceived, the integrated ID3 tag was designed to allow you to navigate and select music in a more natural, logical way.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: