No text on my Sansa c140

I cannot tell you how my player ended up in this situation, but when I turn it on I only see a white screen. If I press the menu button I can see the icons for music, radio, microphone etc. but no text, so I don’t know what I am selecting. When I plug it into my computer, I get the MTP Media Player message asking me what I want Windows to do? but the screen is blank so I can’t do anything with it. If I go to “My Computer”, it does not even show up as a drive or device that I could click on. Any thoughts would be great Thanks. 

Try this:  remove the battery from the player for about 3-5 minutes.  During this time press and hold the Power/Menu button for 30 sec.  After the 3 minutes put the battery back and try to restart the player.  If that doesn’t work, connect it to the PC with the battery out and see if it’s recognized by the PC.  If so, format the player…

Thanks for the ideas, but it did not help. It’s not like the screen is blank but it does not have any text. Again it does not show up in “My Computer”   Any more ideas would be welcome. Thank you

You might need to call Technical Support at 1-866-726-3475…

I tried working with tech support. They were polite and helpful but since my warranty is done, there really isn’t a lot they could do. So again if there are any ideas I am still open to try them. Thanks       

You might wanna try formatting the player. Hook up the USB cable, highlight the SanDisk player, in the menu at the top click File then Format.