No sound in Music Setting

Windows 7, Rhapsody 4.0 with monthly subscription, Sansa clip 2gb. Auto detect USB. Track licenses updated. Device updated every 30 days with latest firmware.

Withinin the last 1.5 weeks, when I select Music, the song comes up but there is no sound. The volume gauge is empty and the clock stays at 00:00. Tried turning up the volume: the gauge fills in about 33%, then goes back to empty. No sound. Spent 90 minutes on the phone with Sandisk tech support and Rhapsody tech support trying every fix they could imagine cuz I didn’t want to format the Clip and reload 315 songs. No luck: I had to reformat; Rhapsody says the music files got corrupted. Sandisk says either the earphone plug is broken (not: FM radio plays) or the files got corrupted.

I now only have 188 songs. Why and How did the music files get corrupted? Firmware update?

Windows Vista - 8 GB clip- same exact problem - v 02.01.32A - please help.

thx, wp