No sound from speaker

Wonderful little player, just got mine. anyways, only had two problems with it, both are pretty minor. One is that the speaker at the top just doesn’t work, eg there is no sound coming from it when no headphones are plugged in. There was one time when I pulled the headphones out while playing a song and the speakers played for about 7-8 seconds then stopped working, so I know they’re there. Must be a contact issue or something. 

second problem is when I shake the player, it jumps to the next song rather than a random one. but that really doesn’t matter. I’d really like the speaker :smiley:

thanks ahead of time for anyone that can give me an answer 

you can call sandisk at 866 7263475… looks like you need to have it replaced

Somewhere along the line the problem fixed itself, and everything works. I guess I just needed to wear it in. Wonderful little player though. Totally replaces everything else I’ve had. If sandisk threw a screen on this and made it so that the songs would resume when you turned it on, it would have been a very valuable little player. I got mine for $3.25 at CVS. Best deal ever :smiley:

Wow… very cheap. I should have got one.

Yeah indeed, Im trying to get one but no luck…hayyyz. :wink:

I had one! Gave it my sister coz its pink.