No sound for DVDs in Windows Media Player after downloading Sansa Media Converter

Hi.  After downloading Sansa Media Converter and Sansa Update Installer a couple days ago, I noticed that Windows Media player on my computer no longer had sound for DVDs.  I checked all my volume controls and nothing was muted.  The weird thing is I can play regular CDs in Windows Media Player just fine.  And I can watch and listen to you-tube videos through firefox or explorer just fine (I don’t think they go through windows media player though).  How can I restore the sound function for DVDs in Windows Media Player?  If I uninstall the Sansa converter and update install would that restore it?  I would rather have both. 

Has anyone else had this problem and successfully solved it?

Thanks!  Louisa

I haven’t heard of any such conflict, but with WMP in the equation anything is possible.

You can always try un-installing the Updater; you don’t really need it anyway. It’s just as easy to manually update the firmware. The Updater is a resource hog and tries to search for and find an update (fulfulling its destiny) every time you plug your player into your computer. This slows your system way down and basically is more ‘nag-ware’ than anything. As the updates are infrequent (every 2 - 3 months so far), the Updater really is a waste.

As far as the Sansa Media Converter? I’d try un-installing the Updater first, and see what, if any effect that has on the situation. If there is no change, you can un-install this too. You can always re-install it if it proves not to be the culprit.

get rid of the player as soon as you can!!

@mptres wrote:

get rid of the player as soon as you can!!


MPtres, Dude… Lay off. I said in another thread, you had a bad expericnce, this is too bad. But this is no excuse for coming on these boards and bash a player.