No SD card slot on Clip Sport Plus?


I have a previous generation Sansa Clip+ which is damaged. I am therefore looking to replace it. I would like the new device to have the following features which my current player has;

The ability to insert an SD card.

When viewing files on the player, I would like the storage location to be invisible - i.e. the menus should show all files, regardless of whether they are stored on internal or external memory.

The Clip Sport Plus doesn’t seem to have an SD card slot? If this is correct, does anyone know of another Clip player which offers the above functionality?



The Clip Sport Plus didn’t come with an SD card slot mainly due to it’s water resistancy and in return came with as “much” as 16GB?

The Clip Sport Go doesn’t come with an SD Card slot either and again with as much as up to 32GB.

SD card slots don’t seem to be trending right now.

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