No screen display until phones plugged in?


I bought a reconditioned 4gb Fuze last week, all works fine and have installed Sansa software and it has updated to latest firmware, all ok, I use Windows Media Player to sync and add playlists etc.  After about a week or less when I switch on Fuze after it’s been off for a while or overnight the screen does not light up, only the blue ring lights, when I plug in the headphones or remove and plug them back in, then the screen lights up and the Fuze works perfectly, I have tried a full factory reset a few times but it makes no difference, any idea what is causing this problem?

Thank you

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And today it has stopped doing it!

Did you bump it?

No, I had not used it all day yesterday, and noticed last night it come on straight away!

Very strange!

After charging last night it is doing it again, possibly the socket moving something?

Found the fault!

Seems there is a bad connection (which is getting worse) in the headphone socket.

If you pull gently on the headphone hjack plug the display goes out.

Sending it back to the dealer for replacement / repair

I think this is the first time I’ve heard of that fault!  Hope you have better luck with your replacement!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Returned on Monday and had a replacemnet here on Wednesday, great to have it back.

This one is working great.