No "Safely Remove Hardware". ?

Any risky behaviour when using Clip in MTP mode when it’s time to remove it? I get the “Safely Remove Hardware” when in MSC mode, but not MTP. I prefer to use MTP for drag & drop to load my Clip up, but was just wondering about just pulling the plug on it. BTW It’s probably better to pull the plug at the PC side, if you can, 'cause my Clip developed a permanent vertical bright line on the left side of the screen when I pulled the plug at the Clip. I think it may have been static or some sort of arc when the plug came out. That’s when it happened anyway. Also, If I choose tho use the Clip in MSC mode, is there any concern with doing it in concert with my external USB drive that appears to be MCS also.

I would just wait to see the Clip’s display switch from “Writing” to “Connected”  then its OK to unplug.