No recovery mode --- WHY

I’m just wondering how much money Sandisk saved by making it impossible to get into recovery mode without prying my player apart, and thereby possibly damaging it.

Would it really have cost that much money to make recovery mode possible with a button combination, or did they do this just to make it harder for me to fix, so I will go buy a new one if this breaks?

Has anyone ever worked in a department where choices were made like what kind of plastic to use for specific components of ANY product? I have a suspicion that inside every one of those departments is a person or team whos job it is is to MAKE THE PRODUCT DIFFICULT TO REPAIR, AND THAT IT BREAKS OR WEARS-OUT VERY SOON AFTER WARRANTY. There is a job like that isn’t there? What’ the title? Rip People Off division?

I have three box-fans from the 1970’s and every one of them has a hole to put oil. I’ve probably bought 10 fans since 1990, not only do NONE of them have a hole for oil, but MANY OF THEM USE SPECIAL SCREWS SO I CAN’T EVEN OPEN THEM.