Customer support says you cannot make playlists on the card, only the player itself…I wish I would have known this before I bought it. Does this mean I  am stuck just adding songs to the card with no rhyme or season or way to catolog them??? If so I think that stinks…

why cant you organize them by id3 tags?

I guess  I don’t know how to do that…Can you  or someone help me???Thanks

theres a video to editing id3 tags through wmp on the how to videos

Great…Thanks…I think that will help…Now, let me ask you…Wikk the card show “albums” once i do that,…I guess what I mean is once i edit the info, the card should allow me to acess the info thru album, genre, artist etc, same as the Player…Is this correct???


I’m doing it now thru Windows…Updating all the music files i have…I guess it looks up on the net and does it…Time consuming  to do a 1000 songs (I guess that’s what it’s doing!! Hahah…It says “In Progress”…I remember several years ago doing something like this with  another software…But just recently got out of cd’s and into  the mp3 player thing…Thanks again for your help!


its a pain at first if you never have done it. I prefer it through WMP becuase it can do it automaticly for the more popular songs. You just type in like the artist and the song and it fills all the rest of the information automaticly. Even puts album art on it if possible

Yeah, I can see it will be a project…Naturally the first one I  di dwas 'my fair Lady" and the search results were nil…geeez…So I named each  track into the 'Album " my fair Lady…But let me ask you, can I do  say all 15 or however many tracks and name them all at the same time…Or do I have to go track by track (If the info is done manually) Thanks again

You can name one field all at once. Album for example. I go to wmp and select all 15 tracks from one ablum, right click and select advanced tag editor. Type in the fields and ta-da… fin’

You could try MediaMonkey that can find you the tags for you.

Ok…That’s good…The searching doesn’t seem to be very good…I can’t believe i put in such  things as Beatles, Help, and get NO results!!..That’s whacky!! Other albums  as well…Nothing… Just screwy stuff

Weird because it works for me.

Downloaded Media Monkey…It’s going thru all my files  now…Thanks again!!!

Customer support doesn’t have this one quite right, gang.  I know this through my own testing.  You CAN store a playlist on the storage card!  There is one proviso, however.  You can’t store a playlist that uses songs stored on both the internal memory and the card, or you will duplicate songs.  You have to keep the playlist and the songs on them on the same “device”.  For this purpose, you have to treat the internal memory and card as two separate “devices”, the same way Windows Media Player sees them.  Example, if you want an “Exercise” playlist on your card, don’t have any of those songs on the internal memory as well.  Simple, really.

Unless the latest firmware update buggered this, too.  (I didn’t load that update.)

That is great to hear…and makes perfect sense…