No playable files

Hi can anyone help me please I have just bought a clip zip.  I’ve ripped cd’s using windows media player 11 and then syn’d them to the clip zip. They play find but when I connect the device to my car I get a message no playable files found… Can anyone help. My Wife has an ipod… Yuk… and this just plugs and plays. :wink:

Be aware that Windows Media Player by default rips CD’s to “protected” .wma format. These files generally won’t play whne hooked up to a car stereo.

I would change the Rip Settings in WMP to .mp3 format (192kbps minimum bit-rate, 256 is even better) and re-rip and re-transfer them to the player (in MSC mode). They should then play fine in your car.

Many thanks for the advice, I’ll give that a try

Thank you what a star now working perfectly :robotvery-happy: