no password set-up dialog box when loading new disk - locked out!

I just bought a SanDisk Ultra Fit USB 3.0 Flash Drive. When I inserted it, it said update available, which I downloaded.
Then it went straight to login screen asking for a password, but I had not had any opportunity to set one!

I cannot do anything now…
Can someone help, please?!


if this is a new drive you do not have to the use password software if you do not need to. if that is the case you can just delete the files and use it as a normal drive. 

if you need to use password protection and have nothing encrypted just delete the secure access vault folder and rerun the secure access sofware. That should let you create a password.  

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Thanks, drlucky, deleted SanDisk config folder and reran exe file - all worked as it should this time!

Wish I’d asked the Forum earlier - would have saved a lot of time and stress…!!

I deleted the secure access vault folder. How do I rerun the secure access software? plz reply soon

Do you see a file on the drive named secureaccess.exe?  If so double click on it.

If you don’t have a need for SecureAccess just drag & drop your files onto the drive using Windows Explorer.

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I don’t see secreaccess.exe

I only see 

SanDiskSecureAccess is a folder

SanDiskSecureAccess Settings another folder and

Back up your files to the cloud pdf file

Well if no SecureAccess exe download SanDiskSecureAccess V3 for Windows, copy it to the flash drive and run it.

i did but it’s still going to the put password screen

instead of the create a pasword or what ever by the way thanks 4 replying

Ok, delete all the SecureAccess files and folders on the flash drive except for the one you downloaded and retry the install.