No password login box - how to access drive?

I successfully set up my SanDisk encrypted drive some time ago. Today I’ve come to open it to view the files (and add some new ones). When I access the drive and open the folders they open without giving me any login box to enter a password - but all the folder and file names are nonsense (encrypted, I assume). There is no login box to enter my password and access the files. I’ve found other forums where people talk about clicking on specific files and then ‘Save As’ to access the data but I don’t know what any of the files are because of the encrypted names, and also when I do this there is no ‘Save As’ option in any case…

Any ideas? Thanks

Do you see a SecureAccess.exe anywhere?  If so dbl click on it.  If not run a CHKDSK command onn the drive and see if that reveals it.