"No More Space in Music DB" screen notification

My entire i-Tunes library only has 156 songs in 1.56 GB, yet while dragging and dropping new tracks into my recently purchased refurbished Clip Zip, it gave me the message: “Not enough space in Music DB. Please free 200 MB”.  I’ve got an i-Mac and tried to comply, dragging practically everything over to the trashcan on the Dock, but the overload message persists.  In my Finder, under CLIPZ Info, the capacity is listed as 3.66 GB & it says "USED: 3.66 GB on Disk ( 3,926,004,672 bytes).  Also, after my near total purge of content, “22 items, zero KB available”.  Is this nifty little device truly Mac compatible, or did I do something wrong?

Try reformatting under the Sytem settings–this can clear matters up (and also will erase all user content–transfer anything you want to save first).

Note when you delete songs on your Clip Zip via a Mac, you must empty your Trash while the player is still connected. Otherwise, they will appear as deleted but the memory space will still be used.