No more High setting in music volume?

thank u i thought its done .its working

Yet another Thanks!  :smiley:  to all of you who contribute fine help like this!


Very good point. People should be cautious after setting Volume to High… Specially when using IEM type headphones. Start with a LOW volume. You don’t want hearing damage!

This did not work at all

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This did not work at all

What didn’t work? :confounded:

If you seriously want help with whatever problem you’re having, you’ll have to give more details about what exactly your issue is, and exactly what you’ve done to this point to try and solve it. :wink:

The “Hi” volume setting does not appear when the player is set to the EU region. You can go under the player’s System settings and choose the Re-set option, and then choose N. America or Rest of world, to get the Hi setting back if it has disappeared.

That’s not difficult to avoid. Use one earbud in one ear. Problem solved. :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for the astuce !!!

I was deseperate because I couldn’t hear music on my bicycle

_ I’d prefer to listen for cars coming _, myself…:wink:


Indeed . . . otherwise the next sound yoiu hear may be the beep . . . beep . . . beep of the heart rate monitor or the whoosh . . . whoosh . . . whoosh of the respirator in the Intensive Care unit of the hospital. :dizzy_face:



Thank you so much for this solution.

For those of you who expressed worry about those of us that bike while listening to our players (I listen to podcasts, i.e. spoken word) - that’s a problem easily solved. Just listen with one earbud in one ear; leave the other clear to hear. Voilá!

If you listen to music with both ears covered or plugged, then, yeah, it’s kind of the equivalent of driving while distracted IMHO.

Sandisk has a peculiar habit of discontinuing its better products or (in this case) hamstringing them with updates and still discontinuing them. The original Fuze is still the best mp3 player I’ve ever seen for under $1,000.00 USD. In fact, though it originally cost under $100.00, I’ve seen new ones still in original packaging sell for up to $800.00 on eBay. I am a former studio guitarist and have run recording boards in studios and major outdoor concerts, so I’ve developed a decent ear for music. Aside from my Clip+, which I use sometimes for it’s size advantage, I still have 3 Fuzes left (I bought a bunch when I heard they were going to be discontinued). I’ve tested the Fuze against top iPods and other mp3 players in the $1,000.00 and under range using $2.000.00 studio reference headphones connected through an $800.00 headphone processor/DSP box and the Fuze was notably better than anything else. So of course, Sandisk replaced it with the Fuze+, which is a real PITA with a touchscreen you are constantly touching by accident, fouling up your listening. Sandisk still supports some of its much older Exxx models and inferior Clip versions, making it a real mystery why they discontinued the Clip+ and the Fuze. Sandisk just doesn’t get it.