No Media Transfer Protocol ("MTP") on Clip Jam ? Coming soon?

I notice that my new Clip Jam doesn’t seem to support the ‘MTP’ (Media Transfer Protocol) - whereas I believe older Clip models used to ? Is this something that will be introduced by a Firmware Upgrade at some point ?

My current Firmware is ‘1.03’ which I believe is the latest at the time of writing [July 2015].



No, the clip jam and sport are MSC only devices. MTP is not supported and cannot be added in FW. it is a hardware limitation. 

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Besides which, MTP causes many problems, so people should avoid MTP anyway, unless they really need it for protected files.

@JK98 - actually I have both MTP (Sony walkman) and Mass Storage devices - using the MTP modes actually have a great benefit of stopping the dumb user (me) corrupting the underlying filesystem by yanking out a device before it’s finished sync’ing.

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The problems I had with Sandisk players happened when I used MTP mode. Since switching to MSC mode exclusively over 5 years ago, the players have worked so much better. I’m glad that the Clip Sport and Clip Jam don’t even have MTP mode. Omitting them has probably saved Sandisk plenty in support costs. 

I never sync. I use Windows Explorer copy and paste to paste folders of files to my players.

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