No Main Menu

I purchased a SanDisk Sanas Clip + (SDMX18R-004GK-A57 Sansa Clip plus 4 GB).  When I turn it on, I get no menu, just an FM radio station.

Help please.  Thanx for your time.

I neglected to mention, per the online manuel, I held the power button down for 15 seconds+ to reset - nothing happened.  I checked, and the music I downloaded is there (I viewed contents while attached to my computer.  Just and FYI.

Thanx again.

Push the >II button twice and you should click back up to Music. 

Thanx.  The >II worked.

Much appreciated.

HAGD & Be Safe.

You might want to take another look at the manual. Clicking up and down circles through various functions of the Clip–one of which obviously is FM Radio. 

Will re-read or maybe even print manual (depending on # of pages and ink.

Again, thanx.  I’m a happy camper.

Great to hear–happy camperdom is a good thing!   :slight_smile: